performance support

We would be proud to have you sponsor one of our Signature Series concerts brought to you by Strathspey Performing Arts Centre!

Our individual performance sponsorship fee is $450. Make your donation in memory of a loved one, to celebrate a milestone or to advertise your business. Please contact our Executive Director, Tracey MacNeil at if you are interested in supporting a performance.

corporate sponsorship

Sponsorship of the arts is an important part of a community presence strategy. Arts partnerships offer companies effective and cost-efficient methods of achieving critical business goals while strengthening the vitality of our communities all across the nation.

We are pleased to offer sponsorship opportunities which align with the goals and objectives of your organization. Please stay tuned for more detailed information related to this opportunity. If your organization is interested in supporting the mandate of Strathspey Performing Arts Centre, please contact our Executive Director, Tracey MacNeil at While we have developed packaged sponsorship levels which include a variety of benefits, we also work with sponsors to create customized sponsorship opportunities to meet the need of your particular organization.